Adult Entertainment From EdenFantasys and EdenDVD

One of my favorite adult stores, in addition to, on the Web is I could spend all day there just browsing around and I wanted to take a few mintues to tell you about a recent purchase of mine. Search their site for the title and catagory listed below.

I enjoy watching adult films and a recent one I watched was called Perfect Smiles. It’s from Eden’s ‘straight’ film catagory. It’s filled with delicious XXX debauchery and bad late-90s hairstyles! It’s a silly little story (I mean that in a good way!) about eighteen beauty pageant contestants who are trying to get the crown. Not all the girls have sex scenes but most do. The girls are trying to sleep their way to the top but really, it does them no good in the end. Jill Kelly seems to be the star of the film, having a bit more dialogue and scenes than the others.

The extras on the dvd are very good and include a long deleted sex scene with a cute Asian girl (with natural breasts) and an almost twenty minute behind-the-scenes look at even more sex scene footage that wasn’t used. Not sure why they’d film all that sex then not use it but at least they included it here.

This was nice little addition to my collection and it was priced very well!

This was an honest sponsored post.


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