MIDNIGHT LADY by Rosemary Rogers

You can read the synopsis here. This book was published in 1997 but it seemed so much like an older book. In fact, while I wasn’t very far into the story, I kept going to the front of the book to check the publication date because I was sure this was an 80s book. I’d had the book for six years and finally got around to it last week. It’s the fifth Rosemary Rogers book that I’ve read. It was part of a set of 10 that I’d gotten off the ever popular Ebay in 2004. I enjoyed this book more towards the beginning than I did the last part of it. The hero, Brett Banning, was totally alpha, very forceful and the heroine, Kyla, was a bit fiesty, like I like. I’m a little surprised she gave in to being Brett’s mistress so darn quickly. I don’t think the HEA (happily ever after) was belivable and it didn’t happen until the last few pages. The story didn’t get bogged down with history like some of her books can.

It was a pretty simply, easy-to-follow plot. I don’t buy the coincidence that the man Kyla was to marry just happened to the man who stole Brett’s important papers. So overall, I liked this book OK and I’d grade it maybe a very low B-. Though there was no abuse toward the heroine by anyone, I do consider this a bodice ripper because the hero was so strong and arrogant and he just had to have the heroine…and told her so!

The rest of Rosemary’s novels are:

  • Sweet Savage Love   1974
  • The Wildest Heart   1974
  • Dark Fires   1975
  • Wicked Loving Lies   1976
  •  The Crowd Pleasers (contemporary) 1978
  • The Insiders (contemporary) 1979
  • Lost Love, Last Love    1980
  • Love Play (contemporary) 1981
  • Surrender to Love   1982
  • The Wanton   1985
  • Bound by Desire   1985
  • The Tea Planter’s Bride   1995
  •  A Dangerous Man   1996
  • Midnight Lady   1987
  • All I Desire   1998
  • In Your Arms   2000
  • Savage Desire   2000
  • A Reckless Encounter   2001
  • An Honorable Man   2002
  • Return to Me   2003
  • Jewel of My Heart   2004
  • Sapphire   2005
  • A Daring Passion   2007
  • Scandalous Deception   2008
  • Bound By Love   2009
  • Scoundrel’s Honor   2010



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