TOO YOUNG TO KILL by M. William Phelps

PUB. INFO: Pinnacle, August 2011
GENRE: True Crime

Killing Her Wasn’t Enough.  .  .

Sixteen-year-old Adrianne Reynolds couldn’t unravel the twisted tangles of jealousy and domination complicating her new life in East Moline, Illinois.  What began as a fresh start after a troubled home life in Texas ended with Adrianne’s body charred, stuffed into garbage bags, and scattered. It seemed the work of hardened criminals, but the truth was far more astonishing: her own “best friends” choked Adrianne to death and cut her up.  Now, master crime writer M. William Phelps recounts this horrific saga of teen lust and violence in every gripping detail.

MY THOUGHTS: This is the sad story of an innocent sixteen year old girl who was only trying to fit in with her peers. Adrianne, the murder victim, had some deep and serious mental problems. She was a ‘cutter’ and had told a therapist that she’d attemped suicide thirty times. In her attempt to fit it and be liked by everyone, she became very promiscuous at a very young age. Unfortunately for her, she became involved with a group of drug abusing, troubled teens and the leader of the pack was a violent, uncontrollable sixteen year old girl named Sarah Kolb. This girl was out of her mind with jealousy and violence and hated Sarah. One day, Sarah and her male friend, Cory Gregory, sixteen, strangled Adrianne to death in Sarah’s car….right in the parking lot of a fast food resturant in January 2005. They dumped her body on Sarah’s grandfather’s farm and tried to burn her body, but only the outside burned. Two days later, they, along with another friend, Nathan Gaudet, dismembered the body and scattered the remains.

The author did a good job of telling us all about Adrianne’s troubled background and some of the past trouble she’d been it. She truly seemed like a sweet girl who only wanted to be liked. Her father and stepmother were interviewed and my sympathy goes out to them.

You can see photos of Adrianne and her killers here and here.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.