CARRIE’S STORY by Molly Weatherfield

PUB. INFO: Cleis Press, 2002
GENRE: Contemporary BDSM
NARRATION: First Person

From Publisher: “I had been Jonathan’s slave for about a year when he told me he wanted to sell me at an auction. I wasn’t in any condition to respond when he told me this…”

So begins Carrie’s tale of uncompromising sexual adventure. Imagine the Story of O starring a Berkeley PhD in comparative lit (who moonlights as a bike messenger) with a penchant for irony, self-analysis, and anal sex. Set in San Francisco and the Napa Valley, Carrie’s Story takes the reader on a sexually explicit journey into a netherworld of slave auctions, training regimes, and human “ponies” preening for dressage competitions.

MY THOUGHTS: This was a disturbing story, to say the least. It wasn’t quite as sexually graphic as I’d expected and it certainly wasn’t erotic. I won’t even pretend to understand the whole ‘pony farm’ scenario or why someone would allow themselves to be abused in that way. It’s real sad and disturbing.

I never learned anything about Carrie’s childhood or how she came to be interested, then involved in, a BD/SM (bondage/discipline, domination/submission) relationship. I can’t understand why the author never let us in on it.

This book has a sequal called Safe Word. The author also writes historical romances under the name Pam Rosenthal.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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